Meet the Parents

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Rocco the Bernese Mountain Dog

Rocco is known as the Midwest's "Brad Pitt" of Bernese Mountain Dogs. He's the most popular dog in the neighborhood...  you can usually find him crashing a nearby barbecue. He enjoys ear rubs, long walks through the woods, and sleeping in sub zero temperatures.


Nova the Standard Merle Parti Poodle

Nova reigns from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We are anticipating her first litter of F1 Standard Bernedoodles (expected June 2022), as they will have the unique colors of the merle rainbow. She doesn't mind getting her feet wet in Sturgeon Lake during the day and stealing an entire queen bed at night. We are so happy she's a part of the Blackstone Berners and Bernedoodles family.


Lucille the Standard Parti Poodle

Lucille, aka "Tiny Dancer", is the youngest member of the family. She enjoys the lake life where she can dip her toes in the water on a hot summer day. A sweet and gentle pup who's favorite meal is kibble topped off with a sunny side up egg :) Her first litter was 9 Bernedoodles (6 Sable and 3 Tuxedos!)


Jasper the Standard 'Phantom' Poodle

Jasper is our one and only Phantom poodle. She grew up in Baltimore, also known as the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner. When she's not chasing squirrels, she enjoys watching the sunset over the lake. Jasper is expecting her next litter of F1 Standard Bernedoodles on September  10th 2022! She will have a mix of Phantoms and Tri Colors, Sables!

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Savannah the Standard Poodle

Savannah is a southern girl who grew up in Memphis Tennessee. She's extremely smart, a big lover and becoming a leader of the pack. The Michigan snow is new to her but doesn't slow her down as she loves long walks through the woods. We're looking forward to Savannah's litter of F1 Standard Bernedoodles in October of 2022! She will have a mix of Tri Colors and Sables.


Hazel the Standard Parti Poodle

Hazel is our brown and white parti poodle who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. She enjoys long hikes through the woods where she can climb hills like a mountain goat. Her favorite place is in anyone's lap where she gets all the love and attention. Hazel is expecting her next litter of F1 Standard Bernedoodles in October 2022! She will have a mix of Tri Colors, Sables, and Tuxedos. 

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Rizzo the Bernese Mountain Dog

Rizzo is Rocco's son and the newest member of our family. He will have big shoes to fill when Rocco retires, but for now he's our goofy, playful, loving puppy :) .