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Meet the Parents

Rocco Maximus.jpg

Rocco Maximus

Bernese Mountain Dog

Meet Rocco Maximus, the dashing Bernese Mountain Dog who turns heads wherever he goes. With a coat as luxurious as a Hollywood red carpet and a presence that rivals Brad Pitt, Rocco Maximus is the four-legged celebrity of this charming town.

Born to command attention, Rocco Maximus has captured the hearts of local residents with his undeniable star quality. Whether he's strolling down Main Street, crashing a neighbor's bbq, or simply relaxing at the town square, his charismatic aura is hard to miss.

Rocco Maximus is more than just a dog; he's a local legend, admired for his good looks and friendly disposition. His presence brightens the lives of everyone he encounters, and his charming smile is as infectious as his celebrity status is undeniable. 🌟🐾 #LocalCelebRoccoMaximus


Prince Rizzo of Blackstone

Bernese Mountain Dog

Introducing Prince Rizzo of Blackstone, the Bernese Mountain Dog with a heart as big as his playful spirit. While he may bear the noble title of "Prince," Rizzo is known far and wide on Blackstone Avenue for his charmingly goofy antics and his love for making people laugh.

Rizzo's adventures in the great outdoors often take a whimsical turn. Whether he's chasing his own tail or attempting to make friends with every squirrel in town, Rizzo's carefree nature brings joy to all who meet him.

Despite his goofy tendencies, Prince Rizzo is a cherished member of his community, embodying the warmth and friendliness that make midwesterners special. From his noble name to his silly antics, Rizzo is a lovable and endearing presence in the heart of Blackstone. 🐾🤪 #GoofyPrinceRizzo



Blue Merle Standard Poodle

Meet Nova, the enchanting Blue Merle Poodle who journeyed from the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains to the welcoming embrace of Southern Michigan. With a coat resembling the rolling mist of the mountains, Nova is a true testament to the beauty of both her previous home and her new one.

Born amidst the rugged landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Nova has transitioned seamlessly to the charm of Southern Michigan. She now finds joy in exploring the picturesque countryside, from rolling vineyards to serene lakeshores, which Michigan offers in abundance. Nova's adventurous spirit shines whether she's hiking along the Appalachian Trail or attending a local Michigan festival.

Nova's transition is a tale of adaptability and charm. Her magnetic personality and striking appearance make her a cherished member of her Michigan community. From the serene Blue Ridge Mountains to the lush landscapes of Southern Michigan, Nova's journey reflects her enduring spirit and her ability to find beauty wherever she roams. 🏞️🐾 #MountainToMichiganNova

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 5.02.11 PM.png


Standard Poodle

Meet Savannah, the charming Poodle hailing from the soulful city of Memphis, Tennessee. With a personality as vibrant as Beale Street and a coat as elegant as a Southern evening gown, Savannah is a true Southern belle.

Having moved to Michigan, Savannah is now exploring the serene lakeshores and embracing the changing seasons. Whether she's enjoying a crisp autumn day or experiencing the wonders of a Michigan winter, Savannah's adaptability shines through.

Savannah's friendly nature and welcoming demeanor continue to win the hearts of her new Michigan friends. In the land of lakes and forests, she's become a beloved companion, spreading joy and creating lasting memories. From the heart of Memphis to the scenic beauty of Michigan, Savannah's journey reflects her love for adventure and her ability to make any place feel like home. 🐩🍂 #SouthernCharmInMichiganSavannah



Blue Merle Standard Poodle

Paisley, the delightful Poodle, started her journey in the heart of Kentucky's bluegrass country but recently made her way north to Pure Michigan. This Southern belle has traded rolling hills for the beauty of the Great Lakes and the charm of Michigan's quaint towns. While the scenery may have changed, Paisley's warm and welcoming personality remains constant. She's quickly adapting to the Michigan way of life, enjoying lakeside strolls and autumn leaf peeping in the lower peninsula. Whether she's in the Bluegrass State or the Great Lakes State, Paisley's bound to leave paw prints on the hearts of everyone she meets. 🐾🍁 #FromKentuckyToMichigan

Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 8.50.26 AM.png


Tri Color Standard Poodle

Introducing Posey, the charming Poodle with Southern roots who recently journeyed from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to the scenic landscapes of  Pure Michigan. With a coat as fluffy and graceful as a Southern magnolia, Posey brings a touch of Southern hospitality to the north.

Born and raised amidst the warm, welcoming culture of Tuscaloosa, Posey quickly adapted to the vibrant spirit of Michigan. She's discovered a newfound love for the picturesque lakeshores and woodlands that Michigan has to offer. Whether she's exploring the charming streets of a small Michigan town or indulging in some local northern cuisine, Posey's adventurous spirit shines through.

Posey is not just a Poodle; she's a true ambassador of Southern charm and grace, spreading smiles and making friends wherever she goes. From the Crimson Tide to the Great Lakes, Posey's journey reflects her adaptability and her ability to make every place feel like home. 🐩🌻 #SouthernCharmInMichiganPosey



Tri Color Standard Poodle

Skye, the Standard Poodle is not only a wonderful mother; she's a beacon of sophistication and warmth, making friends wherever she goes. Whether she's attending a cozy lakeside bonfire or showcasing her grace at the local dog park, Skye leaves an indelible mark with her charisma and beauty. Skye's intelligence and agility make her an ideal companion for outdoor escapades, and her playful spirit shines as bright as the northern lights.


Lacy Jane

Standard Poodle

Meet Lacy Jane, the charming Poodle who embarked on a journey north from the Hoosier State of Indiana. With a spirited heart as expansive as the Indiana plains and a newfound love for Michigan's lakeshores, Indy is a true Midwestern explorer. Whether he's frolicking along Lake Michigan's sandy beaches or hiking through Michigan's lush forests, Indy's zest for life is infectious.

Indy's transition to Michigan has been seamless, and his friendly nature makes her a fast favorite among his new Michigan friends. From cornfields to freshwater shores, Lacy's journey highlights the warmth and adaptability of a true Midwestern Poodle. 🐾🌽 #HoosierInMichigan

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